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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Sprint Commerce Srl

Informative on the treatment of the personal data of the consumers of the website to the senses of the art. 13 of the D.lgs. n. 196/2003 and of the art. 13 of the European Law 679/2016.

This document has been compiled to the senses of the art. 13 of the D.Lgs. 196/2003 (following, “Privacy Policy”) and of the European Law 2016/679 (following: “UE Law”) with the purpose to allow you to know our politics on the privacy, to understand as your personal information are managed when you are using our website (, following “Website”) and, in case, to lend a consent to the express and aware treatment of your personal data. The information and the data furnished by you or otherwise acquired in the circle of the use of the services of navigation and access to the reserved area of the Website (following “Services”), they will be object of treatment in the respect of the dispositions of the European Law and the obligations of reservation that inspire the activity of Sprint Commerce Srl. Accordingly to the norms of the Privacy Policy and of the European Law, the treatments effected by Sprint Commerce will be stamped to the principles of lawfulness, correctness, transparency, limitation of the finalities and the maintenance, minimization of the data, exactness, integrity and reservation, as well as to the principle of responsibility of which to the art. 5 of the European Law.

Owner of the Treatment:

Sprint Commerce Srl, as unique partner, with legal center in Via del Bosco 91, 12100 Cuneo (CN) Italy, (following “Sprint Commerce” or “Owner”) constantly hocks himself to protect the online privacy of its dealers. We invite you, before communicating any personal data to the holder, to read with attention the present informative because it contains important information on the guardianship of your personal data.

Personal Data and Treatment’s object:

We inform you that personal data object of treatment, they can be constituted by an identifier as your name and last name, business email, company and role covered in that one, eventually telephone number and vat, or number of identification, gives related to the location, to an identifier online, according to the type of demand services.
Besides, the personal data used on the Website are the followings ones:

  • Navigation data:


The computer systems and the procedures software preceded to the operation of the Website automatically acquire, in the normal exercise, some information inherent the web navigation whose transmission is implicit in the use of the protocols of communication Internet. It deals with information that are not picked to be in partnership to identified parties but that for them nature they would be able, through associations and elaborations with data held by bystanders to allow to identify the consumers or navigators. In this category information reenter related to addresses IP, dominion names of the computers used by the consumers that they connect him to the site, addresses in notation URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the in demand resources, schedule of the application, the method used in to submit with a numerical code the state of the answer given by the server web (good end, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and to the computer environment of the consumer. These data are used to draw anonymous statistic information on the use of the present website and to check its correct operation, to identify anomalies, and they are immediately cancelled after the elaboration. The data could be used for checking responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site or of bystanders.
Informative specifications are brought in the sections of the site web predisposed for particular services, accessible also following recording, where for personal data to the consumer of the site are asked.


  • Cookies:


What the Cookies are:

The navigation in this site web involves the receipt of cookie, brief laces of text that the sites visited web they send to the browser of the consumer (that is the program that serves to sail, as example, Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) where you/they are memorized for being rebroadcasted then web to the same sites during the following visits. During the navigation on a site, the consumer can also receive on his/her computer cookie of sites or web different server from what is visiting (c.d. cookie of “third parts”). It is possible to distinguish technical cookie, that the carrying out of tied up activity tightly allows the operation of the site and they can be used in a free way, and cookie of “profilation”, used with the purpose to make to visualize to the consumer advertising messages in line with the preferences manifested by the same one during the navigation and for which is necessary to acquire the consent of the consumer. Through this site the browser of the consumer can receive technical cookie and “cookie of profilation” from third parts.


Technical Cookies:

Technical Cookies of navigation are used, in particular, with the purpose to memorize the preferences of navigation and to improve the navigation on the site and analytical Cookie (in the specific Google Analytics furnished by Google Inc. – subsequently “Google”), that pick up, in anonymous and united form, statistic information on the formalities of navigation of the consumers (for instance, number of visited pages and accesses, time of permanence in the site), useful to understand in what aspects it is possible to improve the site web. To have further information around the treatment of data effected by Google through the service Google Analytics, the consumer can visit the following web page: and

The use of these cookies doesn’t ask for the acquisition of the consent of the consumer, which can decide to disable its use on his own browser however. Besides, the cookies of Google Analytics can specifically have refused using the special tool furnished by Google (


Cookies of Third Part:

Through some pages of this Website web is also possible receive in your own browser cookie of third parts besides, for instance to allow the visualization of contents entertained on external bases and to interact with them (ex. YouTube) or connected to the service AdWords of Google (finalized to let to the consumer to visualize, during the navigation, announcements on the base of the sites web previously visited). For such motive to the action of the access to such pages a banner is proposed directed to inform the consumer and to allow to lend him his/her own consent to the receipt of such cookie, closing the banner or clicking on any other element of the page, external to the same banner. Sprint Commerce Srl doesn’t have access to the information picked up by the cookies of bystanders, that are used in full autonomy by the managers of the aforesaid services. For further information on the formalities of treatment of the picked data to mean of such cookie the consumers are guests to consult the informative notes on the privacy furnished by the subjects that they make the services available in matter.

Particularly, the cookies of third parts used in the site are the followings:


The consumer can disarm the cookies affixed by the third parts above listed clicking on the suitable links. Where links are not present, reference can be find on the following site that it allows to manage the preferences of the consumer in theme of cookie:

How to manage Cookies inside your own browser:

The consumer can plan his own browser in such way to be warned some presence of cookies and to decide whether to accept or less a specific cookie or whether to automatically refuse all the cookies. Following the references to as to manage the cookies’ activation/deactivation on the principal browsers:

If you decide to refuse cookies it is possible besides that doesn’t result usable, in everything or partly, some interactive functionalities offered by the Website.

  • Treatment Purpose:


Its personal data will be treated by the Holder for the following finalities:

  • 1 To allow the navigation of the Website and the disbursement of the services available there thanks to the holder, included the management of the safety of the Website;
  • 2 to carry out possible obligations from the laws in force, from rules or from the normative community, or to satisfy applications coming from the authorities;
  • 3 for the elaboration of statistics, without showing your identity;
  • 4 to send newsletter and promotional communications using a direct marketing through email, sms, mms, fax, papery posts, telephone with operator, whose produced promoted they can be also about other partner companies;
  • 5 with the goals to develop activity of “third part”, through harvest and analysis of the information on the selections and the choices effected inside the website with the purpose to send personalized offers on other products and services;
  • 6 communicate or/and surrender the personal data to third partner societies of the event for the dispatch of newsletter and promotional communications with the goals of marketing through email, sms, mms, fax, posts papery, telephone with operator.

Specific safety measures will be observed for preventing the loss of the data, illegitimate uses or not correct and not authorized accesses.

  • Juridical base and obligatory or optional nature of the treatment:

The juridical base of the treatment of personal data for the finalities of which to the section 3.1 are the art. 6.1. b) of the European law in how much the treatments are necessary to the disbursement of the services or for the comparison of the applications of the party. The juridical base of the treatment of personal data for the finalities of which to the section 3.2 are, instead, the art. 6.1. c) of the European Law (“the treatment is necessary to carry out a legal obligation to which the holder of the treatment is subject”). The conferment of the personal data for these finalities is optional, but the possible missed conferment would involve the impossibility to activate the in demand services. We want to specifies, instead, that the treatment of which to the section 3.3 are not performed on the personal database and, therefore, it can freely be effected by the holder.
The juridical base of the treatment of personal data for the finalities of which to the sections 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 are the art. 6.1. a) of the European law in how much the treatments are founded upon the consent. This last is optional and it is free to revoke it in any moment without any consequence (if not for the fact that won’t receive communications of marketing anymore and it won’t be effected activity of “profilation” anymore). The consents previously conferred are revocable following the present indications to the Paragraph n.8 of the present informative. For the treatments effected to the goals of direct dispatch of advertising material, for own direct sale or for the conclusion of own searches of market or commercial communications in relationship to products or services of the holder, Sprint Commerce can use e-mail addresses to the senses and in the limits allowed by the art. 130, paragraph n.4 of the Code and from the provision of the authority Guarantor for the protection of the personal data of the 19th of June 2008 also in absence of explicit consent. The juridical base of the treatment of your data for such finality is the art. n.6, paragraph 1/f) of the European law. Will remain the possibility to oppose to such treatment in every moment, initially or after following communications, in easy way and free, also writing to the delivers suitable in the section “Contacts” of the present informative, as well as to get an immediate comparison that confirms the interruption of such treatment (art. 15 of the European law).

  • Personal data’s addressees:

Your personal data could be shared, for the finalities of which to the section 3 of the present informative, with:

  • 1 subjects that typically act as responsible of the treatment to the senses of the art. 29 of the Code and 28 of the European law, or rather, subjects that cooperate with the holder for the pursuit of the finalities of which above, understood the delegated subjects to develop activity of technical (collectively “Recipients”) maintenance; the list of the people responsible of the treatment can be ask to the holder writing to the addresses suitable in the section “Contacts” of the present informative;
  • 2 subjects, corporation or authority to which is obligatory to communicate your personal data in strength of dispositions of law or orders of the authorities;
  • 3 people authorized by the Holder to the senses of the art. 30 of the Code and 29 of the European law, to the necessary treatment of personal data to tightly develop correlated activity to the disbursement of the services, that is hocked to the reservation or has a suitable legal obligation of reservation;

The updated list about subjects that could treat your personal data, as responsible of the treatment, is available sending an e-mail to the holder using addresses suitable in the section “Contacts” of the present informative.

  • Transfer of the personal data:

About the transfer of the Data toward Third Countries, the holder makes known that the treatment will happen accordingly to one of the formalities allowed by the in force law, what for instance the party’s consent, the adoption of Standard Clauses approved by the European Committee, the selection of subjects adherent to international programs for the free data flow (ex. EU-USA Privacy Shield) or working in sure considered Countries from the European Committee. Possession is possible you increase information, on application, near the Holder to the contacts mentioned above.

  • Maintenance of the data:

The personal data essays for the finalities of which to the section 3.1 will be preserved for the necessary time to reach those same finalities. In every case, talking about treatments developed for the supply of services, the holder it will preserve the personal data for the period of anticipated time and admitted by the normative Italian to guardianship of his own affairs (art. 2946 cs.c. and ss.). The personal data essays for the finalities of which to the section 3.2 will be preserved up to the anticipated time from the specific obligation or norm of applicable law. More information regarding the period of maintenance of the data and to the criterions used for determining such period they can be requested sending a written request to the holder using addresses suitable in the section “Contacts” of the present informative.
In every case, the holder could preserve your personal data for the period admitted by the Italian law to guardianship of his own affairs (Art. 2947 cs.c.).

  • Data subjects’ rights:

To the senses of the articles 7 of the Code and 15 of the European law, you have the right to ask to Sprint Commerce Srl, in whatever moment, the access to your personal data, the rectification or the cancellation of the same or to oppose to their treatment to ask for the limitation of the treatment in the anticipated cases from the art. 18 of the European law, as well as to get in a structured format, of common and legible use from automatic device the data that concern it, in the anticipated cases from the art. 20 of the European law. These requests should be sent to the holder using addresses suitable in the section “Contacts” of the present informative. In every case, it always has the right to propose claim to the authority of competent (Guarantor for the Protection of the Personal Data) Control, to the senses of the art. 77 of the European law, if believes that the treatment of your personal data is contrary to the present normative.


  • Changes:

The holder reserves himself to change or simply to update the website contents, partly or completely, also because of variations of the applicable normative. The holder invites you therefore to visit with regularity this section to take knowledge of the most recent and updated version of the present informative for being always update on the picked data and on the use made by Sprint Commerce Srl.

  • Contacts:

To practice the rights of which above or for any other application you can write to the holder of the treatment to the physical address above suitable or through the devoted contact preferably inserting in the object of the communication the wording “Application exercise rights privacy.”