Cookie policy

Cookie policy

What the cookies are:

The cookies are small text files that are memorized on the consumer’s device of during the navigation and they develop various functions whether to remember the login’s data to the services and web pages, they pick up statistic information on the visited pages, they identify the browser and the device used to select contents and communications still contemplated according to his/her own preferences and more. The cookies can be of various, according to the typology of data that you/they memorize and how many time they remain on the device’s memory of the consumer.

The cookies named “session or temporary” are those that expire or have been cancelled during the browser’s closing, while those named “persistent” have longer life (from few minutes to several months) according to the functions that they develop. These functions distinguish the cookies in two categories: technical and not technical (also named “di profilazione”).

The technical cookies manage the necessary data to the disbursement of the pages and they facilitate the navigation, allowing, for example, not to have to insert again user and password to access on several services, or remember the last visited page or up to that point a video has been seen,  and also recognize the type of device in use and adapt accordingly the dimensions of the images. The technical cookies allow besides to effect united statistic analysis on the pages more visited and on the preferences of the consumers, but only in anonymous form, and you/they are not used for analyzing the behavior or the preferences of the single consumers.

The not technical cookies (or “di profilazione), are used for analyzing the interests and the habits of navigation  about any single consumer, to personalize its navigation and to disburse, for example, contained, also advertising, contemplated to particular interests.
The cookies can directly be disbursed by the manager of the site on which he is sailing (publishing cd) or, in the case that the site has been supported by external services about particular functions, from third (third parts cd).

The site uses technical cookie and third parts cd, with the purpose to improve the experience on his own site, adapting it, for example, according to the browser and of the device in use.
If you sail on the site and you visualize the informative banner of the existence of the cookies, continuing the navigation on the site, click on any element of the site, or on an image, or also simply flowing the page or closing the informative layer click the key “OK”, you consent to the use of the cookies described in this informative and implemented in the pages of the site

It’s possible to disable the cookies’ functions directly from the browser that he you are using, accordingly to the instructions furnished by the relative producers, or using some special programs; nevertheless, we remember you that the ability’s restriction of the website to send the cookies can worse the consumers’ experience of global navigation.
The consent to the receipt of the cookies could be also express through specific configurations of the browser from the consumers. The biggest part of the browsers allow to plan rules to manage the cookies sent only from some or from all the sites, option that offers a more precise control of the privacy to the consumers and to deny the possibility of receipt of the cookies themselves, or however to modify the choices previously effected.

You can find below some points that explain to the Consumers how manage or disable the cookies for the most important browsers:


Cookie of third parts:

During the navigation on the website, for statistic interest or for sharing social, cookies could be released exclusively managed by third parts.
Yopu can find below the “third involved parts” list, their sites links and the links to their policies regarding management of the cookies, with details on relative interest.

Google Analytics – Link to the Google policy:


Cookies of “sharing” (social network):

The “sharing” cookies are necessary to allow the consumer to interact with the websites through the proper account social and they serve, for instance, to express an appreciation and to share it with the relative social contacts.

Facebook – Link to the Facebook policy:

Twitter – Link to the Twitter policy:

Linkedin – Link to the Linkedin policy:


How to manage Targeting and Advertising cookies:

If you need more information about Targeting and Advertising cookies, you can visit the following link

Considering how written above, we notices that disabling the cookies you will continue to be able to use some parts of our website, but it will be possible that some services wouldn’t be available.

Changes to the cookies’ policy reserves itself the faculty to bring some changes to the present cookies’ policy. The consumer accepts to be bound to such possible and future revisions and he hocks, therefore, to visit periodically this page for remain informed about possible changes.